Engineering, Manufacturing, Public Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

The project entails developing new contractual, pricing and negotiating tools after studying the market and analyzing the problems and opportunities.

  • Project Objectives
    • Developing new sales opportunities
    • Setting solid winning contractual policies
    • product pricing decisions to board of directors and the negotiators.
    • Assist the decision-maker to identify the detailed items of costs and revenues.
  • Approach

Conducting a business model exercise to identify the strength and development points
Following a clear methodology to study the customer, market and competition of the aerosol cans to be applied on other products.
Studying the contractual policy and setting new contract and agreement terms to be followed
Developing a sales planning model according to targets and channels
Developing a flexible tool that helps the negotiator during negotiating prices taking into consideration the factors affecting the pricing decision

  • Outcome

Individual Performance: Improve the market research skills, understand pricing strategies and improve the team’s capabilities to identify prospect customers.

Work Systems: develop the pricing and negotiation tools and mechanisms. Identify the local and imported alternatives available to the customer.

Company performance: Increase the selling price & profit of the aerosol cans and revising the pricing every 6 months according to the currency rates.


    • Pricing tools model.
    • New Contract terms.
    • Market Study.
    • Sales planning model