Marketing, Private Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

The main objective of the project is to clearly define the business model and the core delivery processes that enable Addmark to grow organically and to be able to respond to business needs efficiently with a high level of control on delivery time and quality.


  • Project Objectives

Re-model their business based on their new directions Clearly document sales-to-delivery process with clear steps and responsibility matrix.

  • Approach

Conducting Business modelling workshops to Document the current business model(s), SWOT analysis and TOWS matrix to find: – areas of strength and weaknesses – oversee opportunities and threats and suggest actions Analyze the main sales-to-delivery process through Process interviews and improving it through Process re-engineering & Process modelling The process covers the following functions in the value chain: – Sales process (from lead qualifications till landing the deal) – Delivery process (capacity planning, resource allocation, project planning and execution) – Invoicing and collection process

  • Outcome

Business Modelling: Clearly defined new directions and found areas of integration between different models to better serve clients with well-integrated solutions. Process Modelling: Enabled lean operations with better efficiency in cost, delivery time and quality. The modelling process helped in defining the responsibilities of process actors and clear any confusions in roles.


    • Strategy Report
    • process Map
    • Process Descriptions.
    • Responsibility Matrix.
    • Cash flow projection.
    • Pitch Presentation.