Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge

The company’s sales function needed to be designed as it had no separate accountability, lacks clear targets and mechanisms to manage expected outcomes.


  • Project Objectives

To optimize the organization and create a culture-oriented delivery, with clear goals, activities and responsibilities Focus the team on results to increase the win rate.

  • Approach

Business Assessment to understand the areas that need development. Understand company’s objectives, discuss alternative organizational models and Validate Job descriptions. Design the sales process and Assign accountability and design sales governance meeting Review sales process, identify opportunities, Design sales cycle, create a pilot version using existing opportunities and Perform a preliminary analysis of the pipeline Analyze the current incentive scheme, improve and design a new incentive scheme.

  • Outcome

Eliminate constraints and duplicated activities. Add clear responsibilities and tasks. Ensure that the full sales lifecycle activities are fully supported and focused in the end result. Governance sales model to allow for analysis of results and key actions to be taken.


    • Sales concept & process.
    • Incentive scheme.
    • Marketing Planning.
    • JD & KPIs.
    • Pipeline management.
    • Sales governance & reporting