Banking, Private Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

Conduct a financial and cash flow analysis study for the building to examine the ability of the building’s operating profits to sufficiently cover the repayment according to the new repayment schedule endorsed by the credit facility agreement.


  • Project Objectives

Prepare financial projection study for the building after commercial operation.

Prepare a set of financial statements. Identifying the possible scenarios and its effect on the ability to repay the bank.

  • Approach

Examining related information submitted by the owner including bank facility agreement with its associated repayment schedule ad real estate appraiser report in order to prepare a range of essential forecast assumptions

According to the aforementioned assumptions, a comprehensive financial model was designed to derive future projections through a set of projected financial statements.

A complete set of financial statements have been derived from the financial model and a comparative scenario of the Base Case scenario with the Worse and Best-Case scenarios were created.

  • Outcome

Determining the ability of the project to cover its own operating expenses based on a base scenario and two other variant scenarios Showing the need of the project for additional financing, either from equity or by accessing additional facilities from banks


    • Projected Cash Flow Statement.
    • Income Statement. Comparative Scenarios.
    • Financial Valuation.