Manufacturing, Public Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

This project aims to present the draft law to the decision makers in a professional manner highlighting its impact, the market analysis behind it and similar laws in other countries with comparable economic conditions.

  • Project Objectives

Highlight the importance of the automotive industry and its feeding industries Show the importance of the automotive industry related legislations. Clearly Explain the draft law and demonstrate the development dimensions Highlight the expected impact of the program

  • Approach
Conducting extensive research to get detailed information on the automotive industry in Egypt other countries with comparable economic conditions. Analyzing similar global programs to highlight its key success factors Clearly demonstrating the program development goals and its suitability with the Egyptian industry elements and value chains Explaining the development program terms and its different dimensions & subsequent benefits Analyzing the program’s impact on the different stakeholders.
  • Outcome
Comprehensive understanding of the industry and the program dynamics nationally and globally Detailed illustration of the program’s costs and gains on vehicle manufacturers, feeding industries, consumers, the government and the market economies. Winning presentation that positions the program as being built on a solid opportunity Deliverables:
    • Market Study
    • Draft law presentation