Marketing, Private Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge
The main objective of the project is to clearly define organizational structure and the financial readiness that enable Addmark to grow organically and to be able to respond to business needs efficiently and effectively  
  • Project Objectives
Create a new organization structure that enables the new business model and dynamic business needs. Clearly define job descriptions for each unique role. Increase financial readiness by re-designing their financial reporting structure to enable them to make business decisions on accurate financial analytics and insights
  • Approach
Organizational Structure: Reviewing and developing the company’s Organization Chart and the associated Job Descriptions in alignment with the company’s strategic direction and the new process models after redesigning the span of control and conducting job analysis. Financial Readiness: Restructuring financial reporting design after analyzing the chart of accounts then restructuring and mapping the new design on the financial system
  • Outcome
Decentralized management through defining clear structure of responsibilities and authorities in light of the new business model. Defined the main duties, responsibilities, qualifications, skills and associated KPIs of each job. Allowed better visibility on financial information and making decisions based on accurate financial analytics and insights. Deliverables:
    • Organization Chart.
    • Job Descriptions for 6-8 unique positions.
    • Chart of accounts.
    • Operating manual.