Manufacturing, Public Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

The main objective of the project is to tackle the problem of the decrease in sales of Natural gas cylinders and its effect on the company profitability.

  • Project Objectives

To conduct a market study for the Natural Gas Cylinders. Studying the Cylinder product development alternatives.

Develop the market research tools and mechanisms.

  • Approach

Evaluating the current commercial activities through business model exercise in order to identify the strength and development points Product development study with detailed information on the technical specifications of the cylinders and the possibility of developing CNG cylinders.

Market Study for the CNG (car gas) and high-pressure cylinders in terms of demand and competition Studying the neighboring export markets, competing products and identifying export fees & methods. Evaluating the alternatives based on the collected data and deciding on the feasibility of selling the stoked products in national markets

  • Outcome

Individual Performance:

Improve the market research skills and understand the Business model.

Work Systems:

develop the marketing & sales planning tools, and the business model planning tools

Company performance:

Changing to CNG cylinders and holistic thinking of the company’s products.


    • Cylinders Market Study
    • Product Development Study
    • Export Study