Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge
Improve ICT sector trough the modernization and transformation of key IT and telecom service companies and act, as a catalyst or societal change and a locomotive for economic development.  
  • Project Objectives
Increase sector competitiveness and help each company to implement best practices, from business strategy, internationalization approach, process improvement, risk management, quality management to sales improvement.
  • Approach
Using an interactive capacity building approach, which focuses on embedding the right-thinking process within GrowIT companies GrowIT III program aimed for providing hands-on experience and on-the-job learning techniques to best leverage these learning dynamics. Our consulting team with diverse backgrounds, technical and professional expertise shared their past experiences with their clients to foster a knowledge sharing culture. Aiding technology innovators with assistive scalable Plug-&-Play tools that are designed specifically to match the requirements of ICT companies.
  • Outcome
Contributed for the modernization and transformation of major ICT companies in Egypt Accelerated key companies’ internationalization Improved processes and organization responsiveness Deliverables:
    • strategy workshops.
    • Positioning analysis.
    • Organization redesign.
    • Process redesign.
    • Reporting frameworks.
    • Cost management frameworks.
    • Project management frameworks.