Public Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge

It entails building a Geospatial platform for spatial data discovery, evaluation and application for governmental and nongovernmental users and providers.

This aims to resolve the lack of spatial information, inaccessibility and inefficiency of data capturing and storage.

  • Project Objectives

An accurate nationwide representation of the landscape that is easily accessible and integrated with economic, social and environmental geographies.

Greater efficiency in the management and sharing of spatial data. Evidence-based decision making in government, business and the wider community through access to integrated spatial information.

  • Approach

Develop the RFP after meeting the client, assessing the current position and needs, and setting the service provider’s evaluation and selection criteria.

Manage the bidding lifecycle through reviewing, evaluating and comparing the offers in order to select the most suitable provider. Manage the program and monitor the implementation of the projects making sure that it aligns with the client’s requirements. Host the data Center and provide the National Base Map. Report performance to Sponsor and ensure stakeholder engagement.

  • Outcome

Following a unified framework for the design, management and development of the new geospatial system/solution Meeting and covering all of the client’s business requirements Effectiveness and efficiency in the service provider selection process


  • RFP Document
  • Evaluation and Comparison of Providers Report
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Issues Report
  • Performance Evaluation Reports