Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge

The company could not track neither their performance nor the team’s. They did not have a methodology to communicate and align all the company’s efforts towards clear strategic objectives. Thus, the Balance Scorecard tool was implemented to cascade the strategy and be able to monitor performance.


  • Project Objectives

Translate the strategic analysis into a winning strategy. Reflect the strategic options in all company’s activities and departments. Ensure continuous monitoring and control in the daily activity of the company.

  • Approach

Business Assessment to understand the areas that need development. Balance Scorecard: Formulate the financial, customer, internal and L&G perspectives. Finalize objectives cause and effect. KPIs & Initiatives: Define KPIs for each objective, select initiatives for each objective and define the owner for each initiative. Then a high-level plan was done for each initiative. Monitoring: Select calculation method & period, weight, threshold and owner for each type of indicators. Finalize the initiatives overview.

  • Outcome

Strategy definition tools that allows for defining a strategy that has an impact cross the company. Monitoring tools to adjust and react to market and internal changes. Management system that aligns business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improves internal and external communications, and monitors organization performance against strategic goal


    •  Strategy Map
    • Balance Scorecard tool
    • Governance Model