Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge
Achieving advanced levels in operational excellence by coaching the implementation of project management methodology, product’s development methodologies and performance management.  
  • Project Objectives
To assess Softec’s processes and performance Identify and prioritize areas in need for development Advise plans and tools to develop these prioritized business areas
  • Approach
Corporate Assessment: In-depth assessment of Softec covering operational areas as well as performance. Strategy Development: studied internal capabilities and matched it with external analysis to develop the future strategic directions. A set of strategic objectives were formulated and translated into KPIs and initiatives across the organization. Individual Performance Management: Capacity building for Project Management, Business Analysis and Business Process Management.
  • Outcome
Operational efficiency. Developing Performance management and Project management skills Achieving operational excellence on the company level


    • Performance management framework
    • Project management tools
    • Business analysis and business process models.