Executive Leaders

Ahmed Amaal

Ahmed Amaal, a visionary and results-oriented business development leader with over 20+ years of diverse experience in senior management positions. Ahmed spent more than 10+ years in in formulating partnership agreements between public, private, and non-governmental organizations, with extensive professional experience in business development, governmental relations and PR.

Ahmed core expertise lies in the Information Technology industry. As a Business Transformation expert and a key liaison between the government and the Technology industry, he established long term relationships across the industry value chain which materialized into successful joint projects. Allied to his excellent communication and program management abilities, he was able to successfully deliver a number of engagements bridging the gap between technology and private/public sector.

Throughout his career, Ahmed Amaal was in charge of strategizing, planning and leading the implementation of high-stake programs involving a multitude of stakeholders. He mobilized and coached multiple internal and external teams with strong focus on delivering value to key stakeholders.

Fadwa Weheba

Fadwa Weheba, an organization development leader with over 15+ years of diverse experience in the field of Business Management and Technology capitalizing on her Master Studies as well as engineering background, in addition to her experience as an entrepreneur.  Through shifting from the Technology industry to consulting, Fadwa was able to capitalize on methodological problem solving, technical knowledge and project management to bridge the gap between the business and technology.

Fadwa spent more than 10 years in management consulting with tangible achievements in strategy management, marketing, operations improvement and organizational development for different industries.

Her core expertise falls within the strategy activation and organizational development field, where she led different projects within the private and public sectors, developed actionable strategies backed up by project management skills and advanced technological solutions.

Fadwa is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner at PractiQ Consulting. She is in charge of leading high-stake programs involving a multitude of stakeholders as well as developing internal resources. Fadwa occasionally volunteers as a mentor for startups in building solid business model.

Our Values

    • Passion for challenge: We are proud to be problem solvers. We live the challenge of our clients and genuinely enjoy overcoming any challenge. We accomplish goals with innovation, passion and engagement.
    • Evolve and Adapt: We change our course with high agility along the journey with our clients and partners. Our visibility becomes clearer every day. We are never reluctant to change a plan or adopt a new approach.
    • Integrate don’t build: PractiQ is made of amazing people, but it’s only through integrating a network of collaborators that we achieve greatness. We’re committed to building strong networks of consultants and partners working together with mutual drive for success.
    • Go the extra mile: We go beyond delivering what works today. We discover what is possible for tomorrow.
    • Share the know-how: We are happy to pass on our experience to champions inside every organization we engage with.

Our Code

Respect for every talent in the workplace

For our Company to succeed as a professional services firm, we strive to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate. That means we maintain a workplace atmosphere that attracts, develops and retains long term relationships with talents from various backgrounds.

Serving our clients and business partners

At PractiQ Consulting, we work effectively and with enthusiasm. There is no room for non-value add business practices in what we do. We must remain honest in all of our sales, marketing, and delivery.

We make only factual and truthful statements about our capabilities and the services we offer.

Protecting confidential information

To uphold our Company’s reputation and best serve our clients, PractiQ Consulting is committed to protecting the privacy of third-party information as vigilantly as we do our own. This means we collect, use and safeguard client information as we do with our own confidential information. We never share the material, non-public information of our clients with a third party or any colleague who does not have a business need to know it.

Our role in the community

We have the power to make a positive difference in the community where we live and work through our volunteer activities. As a company, we participate in voluntary projects to better serve our community.

How can we help you?

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