Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge

Raise the quality of investment opportunities through solid business planning, preparation of all required documents (financial and non-financial) and preparing an investment pitch presentation for venture capital investors after exploring and selecting the optimum financing sources.


  • Project Objectives

Crystallizing strategic intent, direction and drivers and Institutionalize key capabilities to create a robust business model Tailoring financial files to fulfill the financial requirements of selected creditors/investors. Ensuring effective pitch delivery to maximize success in attracting investors.

  • Approach

Business model workshops: to map, assess the current business and introduce improvements to the current business model. Readiness Review: A diagnostic session where a Consultant assesses the need for finance through Introducing, Comparing and deciding on the optimum source of finance Readiness Development: Assisting in preparing or adjusting required documents and preparing the required financial projection model. Investment Pitch presentation: preparing the winning presentation highlighting key benefits for investors.

  • Outcome

Comprehensive understanding of market challenges and opportunities Solid business plan and financial projections that fulfills the financial requirements of potential investors Winning investment pitch presentation that positions My Wonder Books as being built on a solid opportunity


    • Business Models
    • Pitch Presentation
    • Business Plan
    • Cash flow projection