Today’s digital and data-driven world requires your business to have the latest tools and tactics to be competitive and successful. Our BI services enable you to visualize, spot patterns and trends and make data -driven decisions with precision.

Our BI consulting services combine analytics solutions with reporting tools for building relationships around – and achieving valuable insights from – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. We help you select, optimize, and deploy an array of custom and pre-built analytics and reporting tools that give insights into your: customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities.

Transformational effects

  • BI tool selection and RFP assistance
  • Proof-of-Concept exercises
  • BI architecture design and optimization
  • Analytics reporting automation
  • Data governance guidance


Leveraging the application toolsets for context and semantics layers, we design connections between data from multiple electronic sources – including traditional financial data warehouse assets, sales and marketing data, ERP data – to extract value and provide actionable insights for your leadership teams to act upon.

Taking an objective approach, we help organizations transform service delivery models and address change management issues, centralize and optimize capabilities, outsource functions, and create sustainable governance and performance management models.

The volume of corporate data is growing immeasurably and any organization that can better analyze, manipulate and make sense of this massive amount of data can use it to gain a genuine competitive advantage in their industry.

We help you design well balanced reports/dashboards and controlling/reporting processes for the top management so they can see whether the overall entity performance is in line with the overall business strategy broken down by various functions, customer dimensions, products or human processes.

Our Dashboard team develops quality indicators from available data sources to help your business make informed, intelligent choices. Our data visualizations are presented in clear, logical formats that can get into or be used as a big picture.


Transformational effects

  • Single version of truth, definition and alignment of all stakeholders
  • Integrated and balanced view on company performance
  • Definition and implementation of data governance
  • Elimination of data integrity issues when different users access the same data sets
  • Turn data into a competitive advantage.
  • Real-time big picture insights keep goals on track

Orchestrating the transformation with PractiQ

Executive Dashboard Consulting and Management Reporting Services not only implement best practices-related process and enabling technologies for you, but also align your cross-functional teams with a robust data governance program on an ongoing basis.

The amount of data collected by today’s enterprises is nothing short of extraordinary. When you use the data you collect effectively, you can gain an undeniable advantage over your competition. Having said that, you need to have clean and accurate data to gain a complete picture of both your business and your ecosystem. An effective data governance strategy and implementation program not only allows you to plan and make decisions but also helps identify new opportunities and streamlines your operations.

We also help create a well-defined data governance strategy with processes for governing how, when, and by whom your data is used. We work with business and IT leaders to create a roadmap that covers data quality requirements, data definitions, decision rights, accountability, governing team roles and responsibilities, along with an implementation roadmap.

Understanding the value of your data and which monetization strategies to use.

We’ve all come to realize by now that there’s unimaginable value data. Structured, mission-critical data as well as unstructured data. Not surprisingly, data monetization strategies are now key to businesses developing additional revenue streams from their extensive data reservoirs.

Against this backdrop, PractiQ’ Data Monetization team is helping clients think outside the box – from building a foundation for other products/services they can profitably sell, to leveraging the intelligence they have collected from their data in novel ways.

To help enterprises evolve into successful digital enterprises, PractiQ has expanded its digital monetization to suit clients’ custom needs. Our market opportunity analysis, development of proof-of-value concepts to determine the financial viability of proposed products/ services, crafting of potential execution scenarios, and managing the entire realization process all part of our ‘simplifying digital evolution’ approach for businesses.

We ensure availability and performance of systems and processes essential for ongoing data monetization via our Managed Services team. Also execute strategies, make the required adjustments, and keep the focus on monetization across the enterprise.

Transformational effects

  • Increased customer retention and growth
  • Enhanced product innovation and diversification
  • Development of data and IP monetization products
  • Generation of new revenue and profit streams
  • Establishment of new alliances and partnerships