Oil & Gas, Private Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

The current production and operation setup lacks the necessary efficient practices and business processes needed to produce and sell quality products. The organizational structure needed to be refined to support efficient and effective processes.


  • Project Objectives

Assess the current capabilities, recommend the enhancements needed to boost sales and improve customer relations. Reduce costs, enhance efficiency & productivity, minimize errors & risks and return, protect & optimize corporate resources. Restructure the organization in alignment with the processes

  • Approach

Business model exercise and value chain analysis to understand the areas that need development. Design the new business model and map the value chain. Analyze the organizational structure to spot the inefficiencies and drawbacks, and then design the new structure. One to one interview with the team members. Process assessment starting from the procurement to the sales stage and production environment (tools) assessment. Design key processes with detailed KPIs and objectives.

  • Outcome

Increased accountability, reliability, process efficiency and productivity Better reporting of process performance Improved process quality/ consistency/ compliance and cost reduction Ensure that the full procurement & sales activities are fully supported and focused on the end result.


    • New Business Model
    • Value chain Map
    • Key Processes Map
    • Organizational structure
    • Procurement and Sales processes.