Private Sector, Training

  • Journey/ Challenge

A startup idea that aims to fill the employment gap in the F&B industry through a recruitment platform. The project entails determining the idea feasibility, building a business model and a marketing plan for the new startup.


  • Project Objectives

Building a business model for the new idea and setting the offered services scope. Determining the idea feasibility Setting a Marketing Plan with a detailed budget

  • Approach

Conducting Business model workshops to create the business model for the new idea. Idea Validation through conducting primary market research survey and interviews with 30 workers in the F&B industry. Conducting Market and competition analysis, and benchmarking exercises through secondary desk research Creating a Marketing plan with a detailed budget and time line. This involved getting quotations from relevant marketing and digital marketing agencies.

  • Outcome

Setting a Clear Strategic Direction with growth options Having a valid and feasible idea after understanding the target market. Determining the most effective and feasible methods to reach the target market and launch the business


    • Marketing plan and Budget
    • Market Analysis
    • Presentation including the business model and marketing plan