Electronic, Manufacturing, Public Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

Identifying and evaluating the opportunities for the different products, and then focusing on developing a marketing strategy and an action plan for the product with the highest potential

  • Project Objectives
    • Identify the market size and annual growth rate.
    • Identify Competition and its evaluation criteria.
    • Identify, segment customers and set sales targets for each.
    • Study internal capabilities.
    • Develop suitable and effective distribution channels.
  • Approach

Conducting a business model exercise to identify the strength and development points
Conducting a feasibility study through workshops to study the products and market opportunities using a specific form.
Selecting the solar panels as a business model after evaluating the potential growth of each product
Developing a marketing planning model for the solar panels.
Developing a sale planning model and setting targets for each target customer segment

  • Outcome

Individual Performance:

Improve the market research skills, and the distribution dynamics, pricing and discount strategies.

Work Systems:

develop the marketing and sales planning tools and reach new target segments. Evaluate and rank production lines

Company performance:

The sales targets for the selected products increased.


    • Marketing and Sales Plans
    • Market Research
    • Competition Analysis model
    • Analysis for 11 customer segments
    • Distribution evaluation model