Business Architecture offers a vision of the future state of an organization, aligning mission and goals with tactics and strategies. We help your rationalize its priorities into a clear roadmap in relation to business capabilities, resources and competencies while recognizing internal and external factors that determine the marketplace.

Tired of long planning Cycles? We hate them too.

We fast-track understanding and planning cycles and we develop as we go. We work with blueprints which crystalize while going through the activation


The blueprints of Business Architects illustrate the fundamental structure of an organization. Business Architecture is the bridge between enterprise strategies and business functionality.


Customer Experience

We design high -value, low -friction experiences to win loyalty, business and references.

    • Client centricity
    • Personalized interactions
    • ‘Wow’ experiences

These are three fronts today’s businesses find increasingly compelling to deliver on. Especially because the digital customer experience phenomenon has raised customer expectations dramatically and requires enforcing consistency across all customer touch points – digital and otherwise.

At PractiQ, we understand the nuances involved in ‘wow’ing customers with quick, yet user-centric and personalized, experiences. Sometimes, even the best customer experience companies tend to overlook the potential sources of friction at points of purchase. We specialize in helping businesses profile and segment their customers so they can offer relevant choices, coupled with appropriate knowledge. We redesign interactions with precision and user experience best practices for our clients helping them deliver human experiences that match their digital counterparts.

Why redesign your customer experience?

    • Increased sales from cross-sell and upsell opportunities
    • Reduced cost with increased efficiency
    • Increased customer lifetime value
    • Seamless cross-channel experience
    • Location-based services

Orchestrating the transformation with PractiQ

The real deal is to create an incredible journey for you that minimizes abandonment, builds in switching costs, and reinvents your delivery of the digital customer experience.

Employee Experience

“There’s more to upscaling the HR function than just the operational aspect.”

We focus on enabling your HR team to through exceptional service delivery. Simply put, PractiQ leverages its employee experience framework to help organizations develop their teams, tools and communication channels to best fit their industry, employee age bracket, demographics and digital maturity.

 The transformational effects of partnering with us include:

    • Transformative culture and workplace
    • HR as an inspiring talent enabler
    • Open and improved communication
    • Favorable brand image
    • Employee insights-driven HR improvement
    • Employee satisfaction and retention

Orchestrating the transformation with PractiQ

Our approach toward enhancing employee experience is twofold – One, upscaling HR practices, and two, rapidly rolling out new capabilities and app-driven models. Rapid deployment of enhancements that accelerate HR processes flow.

Partner Experience

Enhance experience and engagement, streamline processes and execute strategies with our partner experience consulting services. Build solid relationships with your ecosystem partner.

Customer satisfaction increases with a consistent brand experience. But to maintain consistent and connected brand experiences across all your channels, you need healthy relationships with your partners — technology solution providers, vendors, distributors, and resellers — so that they can reciprocate your superior service to your customers at every touch point. We enable your Digital Officers (CDOs) enhance partner experience and engagement, streamline processes and execute business strategies more effectively.

With a well-architected system, our team will help you attain a two-way data flow that allows for visibility into partner operations, finances, inventory, sales, and marketing. We leverage data analytics to enhance the operational ecosystem with digital strategies and systems that improve both the partner engagement and customer experience. Our partner experience consulting services can help:

    • Match your businesses with the channel partners who can best meet your needs
    • Ensure partner contributions are up to your brand’s standards
    • Prevent inappropriate customer interactions, data losses, and reduce business risks


With optimized collaboration between technology providers you can be sure that all your brand experiences are seamless and are truly connected.


Transformational effects

    • Consistent customer experience across channels
    • Partner sales success
    • Revenue growth through customer acquisition
    • Operational effectiveness and efficiencies
    • Control of partner environment
    • Proactive, fact-based capability iterations

Orchestrating the transformation with PractiQ

Our partner experience consultants help you identify gaps in your digital business models, processes and technologies and prepare you for effective execution. We help you implement processes for better integration with your commerce, fulfillment, learning/ knowledge management, service and finance applications to drive the end goals you are striving for.

We provide capabilities around managing integrated applications, ongoing operations and new systems governance with availability and performance to meet the demanding SLAs.

We challenge the status quo by providing clients with an external perspective on ways to reshape their organization, take out significant costs and improve the quality of their revenues. We dive head -first into your organization’s situation to assess your digitalization priorities and boost performance.

Digitalizing operations for business growth

Digital transformation is a gradual path, and not all organizations find themselves today at the same point along the curve. Whether you’ve digitalized none of your operations, some of your operations, or even all of your operations, PractiQ consultants are ready to dive into your ambitions to get started or push further ahead in the modern wave of digitalization.

What can be digitalized?

Ideally: what can’t be digitalized?

Realistically: that which makes the most sense for your organization at the present stage.


We believe in establishing both short- and long-term visions, with the ultimate goal of full-scale digitalization within an ambitious yet reasonable time period.

Our digital-savvy consultants will analyze your company’s situation, across departments, to determine where the priority lies in terms of digitalization. In response to your circumstances, we may find it favorable to take a holistic approach. Or, we may advise you to focus on digitalizing a single customer-facing operation, such as sales, and then leverage the success of that transformation to pave the way for other operations to follow.

We also provide insights into how to integrate shared services, outsourcing and internal improvement into clients’ broader transformation strategy. We offer deep functional knowledge in shared services for finance and accounting, human resources, IT, procurement and other critical business processes.

Transformational effects

  • Simplifying complicated operational processes
  • Automating tedious manual practices
  • Improved revenue planning and forecasting
  • Fact-based decision-making
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency across teams
  • Improved collaboration between departments
  • Revenue growth and profit optimization


Contact a PractiQ consultant today to discuss your operations digitalization plan in detail.

Ensure a seamless change management. We partner with you to deliver integration success throughout the reorganization process.

Big change calls for a plan

Is your organization looking to change its systems? Do you have a solid plan already in place? Whether you’re looking for a partner to support you throughout the entire reorganization process, or simply a fresh resource to lean on for support, PractiQ is your partner in change management.

Here are some of the benefits of working with an experienced team of consultants on the subject of organizational change:

Vision: We’re here not only to help you refine your vision, but to challenge and break it down as well. Our perspective of your organization is unique, not only because it comes from an external angle, but because it has been informed and reinforced by the many satisfied clients who came before you.

Strategy: It takes a strong vision to form a bulletproof strategy: one that is bold yet achievable, flexible but at the same time predictable. Our consultants know all the classic formulas for successful organizational change management; even better, they know how to customize these models to fit your organization to the T.

Expertise: We always put our best experts on the case, which means a team of business/tech-savvy professionals deeply familiar with the task at hand, as well as knowledgeable of the factors specific to your industry. We know firsthand that change doesn’t come easy, as we have had to adapt ourselves continuously over the years just to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with our clients’ ambitions.

Transformational effects

  • Optimizing the balance of existing and new resources
  • Implementing change without disrupting day-to-day operations
  • Taking employee concerns into consideration
  • Reducing risk and curbing inefficiency
  • Anticipating potential pitfalls, hurdles, and challenges
  • Forging future opportunities to develop and adapt even more

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A “ Performance Management System” (PMS) is the complete transformation of Business Goals into Department Goals and further into Individual Employee Goals followed by the review of their performance is.

In routine & hectic life of business, most of the times it is not possible to direct the contribution of subordinate entities, departments and individuals toward success.

We provide PMS services so as to fill the gap in the management and make things more transparent, where the management is able to give more time to performance improvement rather than spending time on firefighting urgent business issues.

Performance Management Models and Systems:

We look at systems in place in terms of practicality, culture match and effectiveness. We fine tune the systems, or we can implement new ones that are better fit for the organization needs. We can go as deep as needed within the Performance Management framework of your organization to adjust and improve its impact, or we can propose and execute a revamp/new system implementation.