Agricultural, Private Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

To Produce the mass scale seed potatoes in Egypt with the main objectives to become a production hub for seed potatoes and fulfill local market needs

  • Project Objectives

Developing a detailed presentation including potato market analysis, benchmarking and growth strategy. A financial model for different lines of business in the project. A high-level presentation combining and summarizing the detailed presentation and feasibility study.

  • Approach

Seed Potato industry analysis: local and global market analysis to identify key development areas in the value chain Project Development strategy: Benchmark global practice (PPP) and identifying project key pillars and set its progress phases

Impact Analysis: Assessing the financial impact along with the social and environmental impact to determine the key success factors.

  • Outcome

Developing a validated business model for the Seed Potato Production at a national scale. The high-level presentation aligns all stakeholders about the project objective, phases, implementation strategy, benefits and financials impact. Solid financial projections that fulfill the financial requirements of target investors in a national project.

Deliverables: Detailed Presentation Financial Projection model Executive Summary Presentation