Manufacturing, Public Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

The project entails developing new contractual, pricing and negotiating tools after studying the market and analyzing the problems and opportunities.


  • Project Objectives

Separating the sales and marketing departments Improving and facilitating the sales and marketing processes

Setting departmental goals Achieving homogeneity between the organizational structure of the authority and the companies’ marketing departments.


  • Approach

Evaluating the current structures through data collection to understand the main divisions, subdivisions, chains of commands and communications and roles. Analyzing the effectiveness of the current structure according to new set standards and moving some sub-departments outside of the marketing department.

Adding new marketing functions and job roles such as marketing communications and creating some new job descriptions Setting Departmental KPIs & ensuring activating all marketing functions Matching marketing & sales roles in the companies and the authority and identifying key contact points

  • Outcome

Individual Performance: Clear responsibilities for achieving sales and marketing targets. Balancing promotion opportunities and the company’s managerial levels

Work Systems: Designing an organizational structure that achieves the main departmental and divisional goals. Avoiding confusion between the different departmental roles.

Company performance: Developed job structure model on the authority


    • New Job descriptions
    • KPI dictionary
    • New organizational structures for both the company and the authority.