chemicals, Manufacturing, Public Sector

  • Journey/ Challenge

The main objective of the project is to extend the market for selling the chemical and paint products through engaging in applying paint jobs for construction projects.

  • Project Objectives

Studying the feasibility of establishing a contracting unit

Identifying the potential projects and organizations with potential for cooperation.

  • Approach

Evaluating the current commercial activities through business model exercise in order to identify the strength and development points

Market Feasibility study through studying similar experiences by pioneering companies, analyzing competition and contacting contractors and construction consultants to know the market size and dynamics.

Financial Feasibility study to acquire information on tenders from credible sources

Setting the structure, needed human resources, responsibilities and roles and Formulating the operations plan

  • Outcome

Individual Performance:

Improve the market research skills and understand the Business model.

Work Systems:

develop the marketing & sales planning tools, and the business model planning tools

Company performance:

developing a new product application that would increase the company’s sales.


  • Market and financial Feasibility study
  • Contracting unit establishment and operations plan