Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge

My Wonder Books needed to be prepared in order to raise funds to penetrate different markets. Accordingly, it seeks to ensure that the business model, plan, marketing strategy and financial projections are well prepared to attract capital and unleash the company growth potential.


  • Project Objectives

Analysis and assessment of the current business model. Setting Future directions, products/services. Tailoring financial files to fulfill the financial requirements of selected creditors/investors. Prepare the winning investment presentation for equity investors

  • Approach

Conducting Business model workshops to map the current business and introduce improvements to the current business model. Workshops to prepare all required documents to raise funds, build Cash flow projections and Discuss alternative financing sources Conducting Market analysis and Benchmarking exercises Preparing Investment Kit presentation which highlights key benefits for investors and cover all concerns to be able to raise fund in easy and professional way.

  • Outcome

Comprehensive understanding of market challenges and opportunities Solid business plan and financial projections that fulfills the financial requirements of potential investors Winning investment pitch presentation that positions My Wonder Books as being built on a solid opportunity


    • Business Models.
    • Market analysis.
    • Business Plan.
    • Cash flow projection.
    • Pitch Presentation.