Manufacturing, Public Sector, White Goods

  • Journey/ Challenge
A new distribution strategy was set including a detailed sales plan after studying the market and deciding on the best channels and procedures.
  • Project Objectives
    • Optimize the market share of the current modular products.
    • Expand the geographical market reach of the products to reach new areas.
    • Develop marketing channels that can accommodate new products.
  • Approach
Evaluating the current commercial activities through business model exercise in order to identify the strength and development points Assigning sales and marketing team members to conduct market studies following a clear set methodology Setting a distribution strategy in collaboration with the marketing team Setting a detailed sales plan and developing a template for planning product sales according to targets and channels. Forming a distribution team, a planning and follow-up committee and Identifying development areas.
  • Outcome
Individual Performance: Improve the market research skills, understand the distribution market dynamics, pricing and discount strategies. Work Systems: develop the pricing, distribution strategies and the marketing and sales planning tools Company performance: Detailing a distribution and sales plan with targets and holistically thinking of all the company’s products Deliverables:
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Sales plan
  • Product Research & study model
  • New contract and discount policies
  • Distributors data base