Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge

Design the Governance system to ensure that appropriate responsibilities are imposed on all the organizations involved in implementing the Projects/Work Packages (WPs) towards achieving the Cluster vision


  • Project Objectives

Develop a detailed governance framework Develop governance processes, controls and oversight mechanisms. Setting the roles & responsibilities of the governing bodies, their governance policies, procedures, their structure and remuneration

  • Approach

Setting roles and procedures for: a. The Steering Committee b. The Executive Committee c. The administration team, job descriptions & KPI’s Defining the relationships between, Cluster members, Cluster lead and, on the other hand, ITIDA. Defining nomination & appointment policies Defining the financial and investment policies and practices; audit procedures; communication channels and protocols for reporting mismanagement and/or exceptional circumstances or risks Matching between accountability and / or responsibility as compared with authority and control systems.

  • Outcome

Setting the appropriate governance structures and controls in place efficiently and effectively


    • A clear and concise report covering governance structures, processes or controls;
    • Policies and guidelines for board composition and appointment guidelines, control mechanisms, and minimum standards for investment and other policies.
    • Financial model for the Cluster transactions Recommended governance platform