Private Sector, Technology

  • Journey/ Challenge
The company had no sales strategy and depended only on networks and referrals. The corporate strategy was revisited and aligned with the sales objectives, creating sales processes and tools.  
  • Project Objectives
To optimize the organization and create a culture-oriented delivery, with clear goals, activities and responsibilities Focus the team on results to increase the win rate.
  • Approach
Business Assessment and business model exercise to understand the areas that need development. Understand objectives, identify opportunities to improve, select principles that reflect objectives, discuss alternative organizational models & Validate Job descriptions. Design the sales process and assign accountability. Design sales governance meeting. Analyze the current incentive scheme, identify opportunities to improve it and design a new scheme.
  • Outcome
Eliminate constraints and duplicated activities, and add clear responsibilities and tasks. Governance sales model to allow for analysis of results and key actions to be taken. Structured sales analysis, with whom, what, when and how clearly established. Deliverables:
    • Mission, vision, values and strategy.
    • Sales Dep. Structure & JDs
    • Sales Dep. Design- RASCI
    • Business Lines Growth Plans
    • Sales incentive Scheme
    • Sales Governance Process